NEW GRUNT EZI-LOAD Ratchet Tie-Downs with a PATENTED Side Loading Axle that is 4 TIMES Faster To Use!!

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GRUNT EZI-LOAD saves time and makes life easier

NEW GRUNT EZI-LOAD, the Patented SIDE-LOADING Ratchet Tie Down.

Simply Slide the Webbing through the Patented Side Loading Axle and you are Ready to Secure your Load.

GRUNT EZI-LOAD is Revolutionising the Tie Down Industry, it is SO SIMPLE and EASY to Use.

Ideal for Serious Truckies , Tradies and DIYers alike, GRUNT EZI-LOAD will save you Time and Effort.

Available at Bunnings Nationally in three sizes:

  • 25mm x 4m ( Pack of 2 )
  • 35mm x 5m ( Pack of 2 )
  • 50mm x 9m
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