Work like a Professional.
Do it with GRUNT - Nothing's tougher!

The GRUNT range includes almost every style of rope or cord,  dozens of tie-downs, clean-up bags, cargo control,  and ultra-strong builders film products, and that’s only half of what’s in-store.

GRUNT® is made for the DIY’ers and Tradies who work day in and day out to make the future better for everyone. We work hard to make sure that every GRUNT product delivers quality and toughness so that you can choose our brand with confidence, knowing that it is a solid choice that won’t let you down.

GRUNT is a Registered Trade Mark of Homewares Pty Ltd – All Rights Reserved. The GRUNT range is backed by an Australian Family Owned Company – Driven by Innovation, Value and Service.

As a family owned business we also think about our role as a product maker, in terms of packaging, waste and recycling. Please find below our commitments to you, in support of all of our children who will inherit the Earth from us, and to the Earth itself which sustains us, and which we have to treat in a sustainable manner.




We make enormous effort so that every possible element of our product is both long lasting and recyclable.



We work hard to minimise and eliminate packaging and to make the packaging that we do use recyclable.


Waste Reduction

We eliminate waste by using recycled plastics to make product where it is viable to do so.



As it becomes viable we are making some of our plastic products from biodegradable plastics.


Our commitment is to reduce, reuse and recycle. Waste hurts all of us!

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